Wholesale Application

We are suppliers for many great manufactures.  This is an ideal place to find items to supply to your customers. In order to qualify for wholesale sales you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be an established Pet or animal store front or breeder
  • You must have a current sellers permit
    • You must provide us a copy of this sellers permit via mail or email before access to the wholesale site
  • The minimum for wholesale orders is $300
  • Shipping will be added to all orders;
    • Shipping costs will be calculated as the actual dollar amount for the order to be shipped via UPS

If you qualify for wholesale, we would be happy to assist you with what you need to have this account set up for future access to our Wholesale Division.  Please be sure to fill out the information that is required and be sure to supply your copy of your sellers permit as your account will not be set up until this information is provided.

  • If you wish to email this, please email to featherfantasy.com@juno.com
  • If you wish to send it by mail, please mail to P.O.  Box 730, Chicago Park, CA 95712

Thank you for your interest in being one of our wholesale customers. Processing this information may take a few days, as we will need to verify the information.

The Staff at Feather Fantasy


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