• A perfect mini gym
  • Made with an all natural Cajeput perch
  • Gentle & comfortable perch

Loaded with all kinds of fun play stuff that is the perfect type of things for small and medium size birds to chew on, this creative perch mounts through a natural vine plate that is loaded with shreddable and plastic surprises.  The perch size is perfect for small and medium birds and is about 3/4" and is made out of a  natural cajeput perch.  Birds love a secure place to perch and the basket on this provide such a place. Plus this is a mini-play gym as well.  Just an all around fun toy.

Information on Cajeput:
The cajeput tree (cage-e-put) is also known as the paperbark tree due to it’s soft, layered outer bark. The cajeput tree has been used to make tea for centuries by indigenous people in Australia, Indonesia and SE Asia. Oil (closely related to tea tree oil) is extracted commercially from the cajeput tree and used for a variety of medicinal purposes. The branches of the cajeput tree are ideally suited for bird perches!  Gentle & comfortable natural perch for bird’s feet * Very hard, long lasting wood core * Fun, shreddable outer bark that birds love to chew * The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitical qualities of the oil in the bark will help to keep birds healthy.  Since these are all natural, diameters will vary slightly.

   Size       Measurements       Bird Size Suggestion
   One Size    9-1/2" w x 9-1/2" circle   Lovebirds, Tiels, Conures, Senegals, Mini Macaws 
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