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A complete guide to these little African Birds and there grand intelligence. Contains everything that you ever wanted to know about the animated world of 'the terrier of the parrot world'. This beautifully produced all color book offers you a complete guide to the 'Poicephalus Genus' from Senegal to Niam-Niam. You'll find out how to choose a Senegal, how to raise one and make it your personal buddy, as well as how to keep it healthy. One of the best bits of this little book is the list of items one can feed Senegal parrots plus recipes for making 'Birdie Bread' and 'Sweet Beak Bread' and 'Bird Bean Soup'. Also includes sections on housing Senegal parrots, toys for Senegal parrots, and other issues associated with the care and feeding of Senegal parrots.

Written by Pamela Hutchison.

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