\"Roudybush\" SMALL PELLETS  25lb
  • This is the perfect size for Lovebirds and Parakeets 
  • No added sugars or colors, all natural preservatives
  • A healthy food to provide excellent daily nutrition
  • No need to supplement with vitamins or minerals

Specially steam-pelleted food designed to retain beneficial nutrients while eliminating harmful bacteria. Give your birds the nutrition they need with no artificial colors or flavors and no animal by-products. Use for pet birds year-round and for off-season breeding birds. No additional vitamins or mineral supplements needed. Nutritious, palatable and digestible, a pellet most birds will love from first bite. Used by Vets, breeders and zoos for over 20 years.

What makes Roudybush so good for your birds:

Roudybush diets offer several advantages over other commercially available formulated diets. Pelletizing preserves more of the fiber in the diet than extrusion does, providing a diet that is healthier for your birds' intestinal tract. Some diets include molasses or sugar to improve the taste of the food. These ingredients are unnecessary and can promote infections; especially yeast infections, in birds. Roudybush products, other than the Lory Nectar, hummingbird nectars, and Squab Formula, do not contain these potentially harmful sugars. Natural colored Roudybush diets reduce waste as many birds will selectively eat only one color of a multi-colored product, they do not stain white feathers, and they allow you and your veterinarian to better evaluate your birds' droppings (urine, urates, and feces become abnormally colored by colored diets). Roudybush products contain preservatives, which have been determined to be safe for birds to maintain proper vitamin activity and wholesomeness. Most importantly, Roudybush diets have been formulated by a nutritionist with some of the most extensive experience and expertise in pet bird nutrition.

Ingredients: The main ingredients in the Maintenance diets are corn, wheat, peanut meal, and soy meal. To that they have added vitamin and mineral supplements, and an all natural preservative. 

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein 11%; crude fat 7%; crude fiber 3.5%; moisture 12%.

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