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  • Soothing toy for feather pluckers
  • Made of all natural materials

The Climbing Net from Planet Pleasures is made of colorful bamboo rings that are hung together and look a bit like a tic tac toe game (small size has 3 rows of 2-1/2" diameter bamboo rings while the large size has 4 rows of 3-3/4" diameter bamboo rings).  The bamboo rings are strung together using natural sisal and coconut fiber with knots in the centers for even more beak pleasing fun!  The small has two nickel plated quick links for easy hanging while the large size has four nickel plated quick links so you have options of hanging it like a bridge or it can be hung straight like a ladder.  The bamboo is a sturdy wood so the small would be good for most smaller to mid-sized parrots while the large is geared towards bigger beaks like cockatoos and macaws.

Planet Pleasures™ toys are tree-free and contain no plastic, glue or chemicals of any kind. Only food coloring is used.  Be kind to the environment with Planet Pleasures™ .  

REMINDER: Planet Pleasures™ toys are made from natural products so sizes may vary.

   Size        Measurements       Bird Size Suggestion  
   Small      1-1/2" deep x 10" wide x 18" long     Conures, Senegals, Mini Macaws, Quakers 
   Large    1-3/4" deep x 24" wide x 14" long Greys, Pionus, Amazons, Eclectus, Cockatoos, Macaws  
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