one piece?


Sturdiness is extremely important. Your bird will live many years so be sure the construction is solid and strong.  Check seams, welds, and places where wires and corners meet - is everything smooth and sturdy?

 Many bird owners would like to have the option of being able to put the cage in any room of the house that they choose.  This is not always possible with a one piece cage design. A knockdown cage can be put through any door way, and can be easily moved if necessary. When  considering a knockdown design, be sure that it is sturdy. Can the cage be safely moved around the room without coming loose? You may need to take the cage outside for cleaning, or move it around the room for vacuuming. It is essential that your cage does not become loose and be a potential death trap for your bird. You may need to occasionally check your bolts and make sure they are tight.

 Whether your cage is a knock down or one piece - When choosing a cage make sure that the tops bolts on with more than 2 screws, because if one screw on the top were to come loose this could create a harmful environment  to your bird. Birds LOVE to be inquisitive and if the top of the cage is slightly loose they will play with it until they could possible create trouble.

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