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\"Paradise Toys\" ZIG ZAG ROPE PERCH 9/10\"
  • A quick and simple way to renew your bird's perching choices 
  • Strengthen feet muscles 
  • Attaches with Stainless Steel hardware

Rugged design and stainless steel end caps make this Zig-Zag the best rope perch we offer. Infinitely bendable rope lets you change your bird's perch shape every so often to keep his interest. Twisted, multi-colored cotton soothes and exercises tender talons. Sturdy enough to support parrots, thanks to an internal wire. It attaches with stainless steel ends and a wing nut attachment. 

   Style      Measurement       Length stretched Out      Bird Size Suggestion  
  Zig Zag Rope   3/4" diameter perch   50" long  Keets, Conures, Tiels, Quakers
Zig Zag Rope   9/10" diameter perch  64" long Pionus, Eclectus,Greys, Cockatoos

These are particular great for arthritic birds or birds with toe problems or other special needs.

Attaches easily with the stainless steel hardware. 

Note: These perches are your answer to birds that have perching problems, as they are very easy for them to grap and keep ahold of.  If your bird seems to be clumsy or tends to slip off his perches, you should give these a try.



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