\"Nekton\" LORI COMPLETE LORI DIET 1000gram
  • A Complete Diet
  • All human-grade ingredients
  • Easy to feed

 A complete diet for Lories and hanging parakeets.  All ingredients are in human-grade quality and in such a form that they are easily synthesised and absorbed by the body. Comes in a plastic container with a screw-on lid.

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Nekton Lory     500grms / 1000 grams  / 3000 grams      All Lories and Lorikeets, hanging Parakeets 

Based on years of experience in breeding and rearing these demanding varieties of parrots.  Lories are among the most specialised of all the parrots in their feeding habits as is seen by their brush tongues and digestive systems. Breeding successes in the past few years, particularly with species known to be difficult to breed, have shown that the nutrition must be as close to the natural sources as possible.  This carefully thought-out combination of carbohydrates, fatty acids, protein, vitamins and mineral elements is entirely suited to the nutrient requirements of lories and hanging parakeets. 

Just add tepid water to the powder, stir slowly and you will have a complete diet. Mix 4 teaspoons for each 20 ounces of water. Change daily.

In addition, this diet has two tremendous advantages over other feeding methods:

  • There is no food matter left sticking to the beak to foster fungus growth.
  • All ingredients are fully assimilated by the body so that the feces consist of little more then water, meaning no small or messy droppings to dirty the cage or aviary, as most Lorie Diets.
  • Nekton-Lori has 13 vitamins, several essential trace elements, and 18 amino acids. Also contains the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that keep your bird in peak condition.

Guaranteed analysis:  Crude Protein 13%; Crude fat 3%; Crude fiber 3%; Moisture max 12%; Ash max. 

 Imported from Germany

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