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  • Easy-to-install bird waterer fits most wire cages
  • Veterinarian approved and approved by leading breeders
  • Water is always fresh and clean - no messy bowls or evaporation

Quick release spring bottle holder. Stainless steel ball-point tube and mounting pedestal. All components can be sterelized. USDA approved non-toxic rubber stopper. Special locking mounting nut.

   Size     Tube Size     Bird Size Suggestion  
   Small    5/16"  Finches, Canaries, Keets, Teils, Conures  
Medium  7/16"   Finches, Canaries, Keets, Teils, Conures
  • Super-Hygienic Bird Bottle Provides Fresh, Clean Drinking Water, since it is enclosed.
  • Provides a protected, enclosed water supply.
  • Water stays fresh and clean, tastes better, and lasts longer.
  • Stainless steel ball point tube.
  • Econimcal because you use your own Glass Bottle.
  • No spilling, stagnation, or pollution. Never any slime, seed hulls, food, feathers, or droppings in the water. Reduces risk of airborne bacterial contamination. Provides health and disease protection for your bird..
  • Quick-release bottle holder fits any horizontal or vertical wire cage.
  • Water stays fresh and clean, tastes better, and lasts longer. No drip, vacuum-lock seal. *  Stainless steel ball point tube. 

You will use your own glass bottle to make this system work.  Which is great, as you never have to worry about breaking the glass part of the water bottle.  Snapples bottles work great for these, or any similar size glass bottle.
We recomend these bottles ONLY for birds that will not try to take the bottle off the cage.

*Word of caution, Small birds that eat small seeds can possibly get a little seed stuck on the tube and it will prevent the water from comming out. Be sure to check this often.

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