\"Goldenfeast\" Pacific Coast Blend 55oz
  • Contains over 20 ingredients 
  • For all medium to large hookbills
  • Does NOT contain peanuts OR corn
  • A nutritious supplement

The Pacific Coast Blend is a delicious combination of fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds for all Medium to XLarge Parrot species.

Pacific Coast Blend is made with over 20 ingredients and does not contain peanuts or corn.

Ingredients:   Dehydrated peaches, dehydrated red grapes, California gray striped sunflower seed, shelled almonds, cashews, Goldenfeast Granola (consisting of: rolled oats, rolled wheat, brown sugar, canola oil, non sulphured coconut, sweet dairy whey, oat flour, almonds and honey), roasted soybeans, safflower seed white pumpkin seed, dehydrated carrots, dehydrated pineapple, shelled Brazil nuts, dehydrated garden peas, dehydrated apples, pepitas (shelled pumpkin seed), dehydrated green beans, dehydrated cranberries, shelled fiberts, dehydrated cubed coconut, dehydrated orange peel and dehydrated spinach

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 8%; Crude Fat (min) 12%; Crude Fiber (max) 7%; Moisture (max) 6%; Ash (max) 5%


Goldenfeast® is a manufacturer of gourmet foods for exotic birds and small animals.  With a proven track record since their incorporation in 1991, Goldenfeast® continues to expand and improve their already vast array of gourmet delicacies.  All Goldenfeast® products offers the following highlights:

  • Over 350 human grade ingredients used in our formulas
  • As many as 55 ingredients are in a single blend
  • Presently 45 blends are offered with new product development always in the forefront
  • When sunflower is called for, we use only human, edible grade California variety
  • Raw peanuts and uncooked beans should not be fed to exotics.  Goldenfeast® uses only roasted peanuts and pre-cooked beans in their formulas

Goldenfeast® offers a blend for every niche, such as:

  • No peanut formula
  • Preservative free formulas
  • Formulas free of corn
  • Quick Cook formulas
  • Vegetable Blends
  • Fruit Blends
  • Nut Blends

Goldenfeast® formulas are made WITHOUT the use of:

  • Added dyes
  • Added vitamins
  • Added artificial flavors
  • Goldenfeast® Goldn’oblesÔ was developed after years of research.  Corn is NOT the #1 ingredient.  This extruded food is “Made with Organic Ingredients” and does NOT contain the following:
  • Added Vitamins
  • Preservatives
  • Processed Sugars

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