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FeatherStone Heights TUDOR HOME CAGE
  • Especially fun for children 
  • A world away from the boring wire cages you find
  • Extra pieces are available for purchase seperately

Move your bird into the full-featured home with the floor plan of his dreams. This delightful wire cage with decorative architectural accents includes a removable floor grill and drawer, two outside access cups, two perches for comfortable seating, large entryway door, and a rooftop access door.

Metal cage is finished in bird-safe enamel. Decorative accents are made of durable, bird-safe plastic.

Easy-clean design and materials means minimum maintenance. (READ CUSTOMER COMMENT: "I have one male parakeet, that just adores this wonderful, adorable cage. Everything is convenient and its so easy to clean! I'd recommend this for first time bird owners also, because in the back of the cage there is an even bigger door for easy-to-reach situations!")

Assembles in minutes. **See below.

   Cage Size       Bar Spacing     Bird Size Suggestion  
   16" wide x 16" deep x 21-1/2" high       5/8"     Sm Conures, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Lorikeets 

Parts Included for the Tudor Style Cage:

  • 1 steel base unit
  • 1 steel pull out tray
  • 1 wire grill flooring
  • 1 wire body
  • 1 wire roof
  • 1 chimney
  • 1 front door
  • 2 feeding cup windows
  • 2 perches with end caps
  • 2 feeding cups
  • 4 assembly screws
  • 3 triangle timber grids
  1. Attach Wire Body Mesh to Base
  2. Attach cage body mesh to base unit, by raising the horizontal wire lock on the side of the cage. This will allow the positioning wires to be inserted into the elongated holes in the base. Once the positioning wires are in place on one side, secure by lowering the wire lock to rest comfortably. Repeat this for the other side of the cage. When complete, the wire body should be secure with the base, fitting into the eight guide holes, with the locks on the right/left in the locked (down) position.
  3. Attach Chimney to Cage
  4. Attach chimney to cage by locating the two screw holes in the side of the steel base unit, and temporarily lining them up with the holes in the bottom of the chimney. Attach the plastic chimney hook to the cage wire by rotating the chimney (do not force hook to pop between the wires). After chimney is in the correct position, secure with two screws provided.
  5. Attach Wire Roof To Cage Body
  6. Lay the folded roof assembly into position on the right side of the cage, and engage the wire hairpins, connecting this portion to the body of the cage. Then, open the left side of the roof, and place into position. Be sure that the roof in in the correct and comfortable position before engaging the rest of the wire hairpins. For maximum security, use a pliers to crimp all the hairpins permanently closed. When doing this, use a cloth to protect the painted finish on the wire. Use of pliers alone may damage finish.
  7. Attach Feeder Cup Windows
  8. Attach windows (acting as feeder cup doors) by snapping them into the two wire openings on the front and side of the cage. When the feeding cups are in place, and the windows are in the closed position, the window will snug over the lip of the cup, creating a snug and secure fit.
  9. Attach Front Door
  10. Attach front door by inserting the bottom of the door slightly into the cage, at an angle, and resting the two guide wires inside the cage. At this point the door will be resting comfortably in the open position. Close door by raising the drawbridge door unit and hooking the top wires.
  11. Attach Decorative Triangle Timbers  Attach the three decorative triangle timber units to the body of the cage, under each of the roof peaks. Place triangles into position under the peek of the roof, and press downward until all snaps are engaged on the body of the cage.
  12. Insert Grill Flooring, Front Stairs & Perches
  13. Slide the wire grill floor into position, so it rests on the grill slide channels in the metal base unit. Attach end caps to perches and install where desired. Front stairs are attached to holes in pull-out drawer with screws.

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