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\"Prevue Hendryx\" SNUGGLE SACK medium
  • Soft and Cuddly
  • Natural Environment
  • Warm Shelter
  • Also perfect for Ferrets
  • This selection is for the medium size

Snuggle Sacks™ are soft, fuzzy and warm way to keep your birds protected from cold drafts. Snuggle Sacks™ hang easily in your bird's cage with the attached hooks.

Gives your bird additional space for sleeping or playing. Heavy duty plastic bottom keeps the shape as pets climb in and out. Birds will love hiding and playing inside the warm, soft, sheep skin material interior. Plastic insert in fleece bottom lets your snug hut keep it's roomy bottom.

Exterior is made of canvas and sheepskin material. Machine washable.
Assorted Colors.

   Size Snuggle Sack      Measurement      Cage Size this Fits  
  Small    7" x 8"  Parakeets, Lovebirds
  Medium    7" x 10"   Cockatiels, Conures, Senegals  
  Large       8" x 11"   Conures, Caiques, Quakers, Senegals 
Jumbo 12" x 15"  Greys, Amazons, Pionus, Severes, Eclectus 

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Prevue Hendryx
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