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  • Perfect for making your toys
  • Stainless Steel links available to replace the ones on your toys if desired

Make your Own Toys with these Quick Links.  Please read the information below if you are wondering the differences between the regular quick links and the Stainless Steel. 

   Style       Size       Stainless or Regular 
    Small     3mm   Regular
   Medium      4mm  Regular
   Large     5mm  Regular
XLarge     6mm  Regular
   Large      5mm   Stainless Steel
   XLarge      6mm   Stainless Steel

Should you purchase regular quick links or Stainless Steel - Information on ZINC

A lot has been mentioned recently about zinc toxicity in birds.  Many bird toys are made with zinc coated (galvanized) metal components.   Zinc is also commonly found in cage powder coatings.  Some avian health specialists have stated that in order for zinc related health problems to result that the parrot must actually swallow the metal components and that “beaking” the parts is insufficient for toxicity to develop unless the galvanized coating is extremely brittle and flaky.  If a bird spends a lot of time chewing on toy hardware (i.e., washers, quick links, wire) then it is possible they will ingest enough zinc to build up toxic levels in their systems over time.  Owners who are worried about the possible health effects can often find stainless steel replacement components at their local hardware store.  This option is also often much more cost effective to the consumer than buying toys constructed with stainless steel parts.  


This is a crucial area of concern as good fasteners are expensive and therefore many manufacturers cut corners and use potentially unsafe items such as split key rings or dog leash type snap hooks.  Birds have been cut and lost circulation to toes and tongues on toys utilizing split rings and spring type clamps.  For Conures or larger birds we recommend either Quick-links (also sometimes called C-clamps) or Pear links to attach toys to the bird's play area. They come in a variety of sizes and can be tightened with a wrench easily to prevent the bird from unhooking his toys. This type of fastener provides the least potential for injury. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be purchased from your local hardware store if needed to replace unsafe fasteners from existing toys.   

Do not use split key rings, spring loaded clips or metal shower rings to fasten your toys. Small hardware pieces can be ingested accidentally.  Birds have cut toes and tongues on split rings and spring type clamps.


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