Improve the Health, Vitality, and Fertility of Your Companion and Breeder Birds

Wheatgrass juice revitalizes and energizes humans, and it can do the same for companion birds. While humans must use a special press to extract the juice from wheatgrass, parrots have a built-in juice extractor: their beaks. They squeeze the delicious, nutritious juice from each blade, then discard the indigestible portion.

Why Wheatgrass Is So Special 

Chlorophyll, the life-blood of plants, is the main ingredient in wheatgrass. Chlorophyll cleanses the blood by improving the supply of oxygen to the circulatory system. It detoxifies and regenerates the liver, making this an especially good food stuff for birds with fatty liver syndrome. Chlorophyll protects us from carcinogens in our food and in our air. It can actually neutralize some pollutants, according to Japanese scientists, including the pollutants found in car exhaust!! If you live in a car-congested city, you MUST drink wheatgrass juice, as must your birds. Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai of the University of Texas has demonstrated many of the anti-mutagenic effects of wheatgrass juice. Do not go out and buy liquid chlorophyll and add it to your or your birds' diet.  Much of the scientific literature suggests that it is not just the chlorophyll that has beneficial effects, but the plant as a whole. The complexity of plantlife can make it difficult to separate out what is having the direct effect, although some studies have shown a direct effect of chlorophyllin, the sodium and copper salt of chlorophyll a.

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