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\"Paradise Toys\" COTTON ROPE PERCH 1 1/4\" dia
  • Essential for birds with perching problems
  • Strengthen feet muscles and adds color
  • Always use an assortment of perches within your birds cage

Made out of colorful cotton rope. This perch makes a different type of perch that is great additional perches in your cage.  It can be strung front to back, or side to side, or even corner to corner. Extremely versatile. We carry these in several different diameters as well as different lengths.  

Choose the right size for your birds - then choose the length you need.

   Perch Diam.  Perch Lengths Avail. Bird Size Suggestion
1/2" 18" / 24"     Parakeets, Parrotlets, Lovebirds
    3/4"       24" / 32"       Cockatiels, Senegals , Quakers, Lories
   1"    24" / 36"      Conures, Greys, Amazons, Sm Cockatoos, Pionus  
   1 1/4"   24" / 36"  / 48"  Cockatoos, Macaw

The cotton makes it very easy for all bird to grip onto.  Especially birds that have any type of foot problems will find these perches very easy to use.  If your bird seems extra clumsy or tends to slip off his perches easily, you should give these a try.  Remember, a variety of perch choices within your bird's cage is the best way to assure the best well-being for your bird. 

Your bird spends the majority of her time on her feet, so safe, comfortable perches are essential. The ideal perch – whether stationary or swinging – is easy on your bird's feet, appropriately textured, fun to use and chew, and easy to clean. Be sure to provide several perches of varying diameter and texture to ensure proper exercise and foot health.

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