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PLATINUM MONACO PLAYTOP  CAGE 21\'\' x 18\" Mountain Granite

The most innovative cage built!

  • Unique Feeder Stations - exterior mounted feeders, giving you maximum cage space
  • Deluxe Features the far surpass other cage designs
  • Sleek design - rounded corners and instant on and off seed skirts   
  • The outstanding Construction of the Island Cages offers you:
  • Sleek new semi-rounded corners that give you more cage space and better visibility.
  • No punch holes, for extreme ease of cleaning.
  • Instant on and off seed skirts with corners that overlap - also for easy cleaning.
  • Advanced hingeless door system.
  • Bottom Grates can be removed from the bottom of the cage and your bird can not get out.
  • Exterior Feed Stations are more sanitary and increase interior cage space.
  • Food bowls are accessible from the outside.
  • Heavy duty wheels make ease of rolling on most surfaces, No plastic parts are used on the wheels.
  • Heavy duty medal trays can not be chewed up by parrots.
  • All cage dimensions are larger then most manufactures, & you gain the space with the feeders on the outside of the cage.
  • Cage can be used without the bottom grate if desired.
  • Easy assembly of the cages, includes a snap system where parts are put together.
  • Three interior sky perches are included to allow you to put perches in front of all the feed stations
  • Engineered jigs for consistent bar spacing on every cage.
  • 100% bird safe powder coating - all zinc levels are completely safe (be careful of this with cages made in the Orient).

 **   The Monaco cage uses 8oz crocks  **
           2 inside the cage and if a playtop then 2 crocks on the top playpen, If you would like these included at a small extra charge they can be ordered with the cage in the dropdown box below. 

   Color      Color Description 
   Mountain Granite       This is a light gray color with little dark flecks  
Jungle Mist Gray    This is a darker gray color

Island Cage Company cages are designed specifically to meet the needs of your bird.  These cages are made at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with the highest quality materials and the finest manufacturing process.  The engineered design offers maximum safety and optimum bar spacing.  The frames are heavy-duty wrought iron and contain no sheet metal.  The durable bird-safe powder coating provides your cage with the look and feel of porcelain and the strength of iron. 

High-fired porcelain crocks can be ordered with all our cages and have been tested to be zinc and lead safe.  Heavy-guage metal trays and seed skirts provide greater safety and stability.  

Heavy-duty caster wheels protect your floors and make moving your cage practically effortless.  

At Island Cage Company we are very proud of our superior cage design.   We have created a design that is bird proof and surprisingly easy to put together.  The semi-knockdown makes even our largest cages easy to transport, and able to fit into any room in your house. 

Island Cage Company realizes that the best environment is also a clean environment.  To accomplish this we have included may features that keep the cage neater and make cleaning easier.   Wider cage does allow easier access for your bird and easier cleaning for you. The grate is removable for washing and can also be used with the playtop if desired. 

The exterior feed stations help avoid spills and keep your birds out of their food and water crocks.  The patent-pending dump-proof crock holders on the playtop also keep messes to a minimum.  

The seed skirts are wider to catch more debris and keep the surrounding are free from the annoying mess usually endured by bird owners.  The skirts slide in easily and securely with no hardware or clips.  

The lower litter tray is located well below the bottom grate to keep you bird away from the unsanitary area. 

A healthy bird should be provided with a variety of activities to encourage exercise.  Our cages come standard with many features that will provide hours of fun for your bird.  Two Manzanita perches are included on the playtop, as well as a toy hanger for your bird's favorite toys.  There are also three Manzanita perches inside the cage for greater variety.  

Island Cage Company cages have larger overall dimensions than most other brands.  Our cages provide maximum living space for your bird.   

To see more photos and detailed information click here:  http://www.featherfantasy.com/island-cage-i-38.html

** Please note: Island Cages are no longer being manufactured.  But because we were the designers of this perfect cage, we were able to purchase all the remaining inventory.  These are all BRAND NEW, in the box ready for you and your bird to enjoy.  The original selling price of these cages when they were selling in the Petsmart stores were $459.  We are able to offer these cages at a fantastic value.


Dear Pattie,

The cage is wonderful! It is such a high quality and great looking home for my little Larry. It was incredibly easy to put together and it looks great too! After searching online and in local shops here in LA for over two weeks, I am so glad I went with this option, I am beyond happy that I did!

Thank you for everything!
Susan (& Larry Bird!)

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