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  • Hard plastic perfect to make toys or hand/foot toys
  • Rings are available in 5 sizes

Plastic rings can be used creatively in both hanging toys and foot toys. They can also be used as toy bodies. The hard plastic makes this just about impossible for birds to bread.  As a hand toy, try just tying sisal or leather to them and your bird will enjoy these greatly.

 Rings   Size     Pcs    Color    Bird Size Suggestion 
  Itty Bitty ring*    3/4"-7/8" shapes     50   multi  Lovebirds, Tiels, Keets
  Marbella ring        1" round     1   multi   Lovebirds to Greys
  Marbella ring       2" round     1   multi   Conures to Greys
  Plastic ring  2" round 12 multi Conures to Greys
  Marbella ring         3" round     1    multi  Conures to Macaws

*Itty Bitty Rings: These transparent rings are approximately 3/4" in diameter and come in a variety of shapes and bright colors. 

**IMPORTANT NOTE: The inside diameter of the ring will be less then the measurements on the outside by about 3/4" Be sure that there is no danger before using these in toys.  Example: The inside diameter of the ring on the 3" ring  is 2 1/4". Please also be sure that which bird you choose these for, that they will also not get a head stuck inside.


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