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\"Acrobird\" Jr Toddler Playland

This style features a hanging chain and 2 feeding cups.  With loads of ladders to climb, this playland will give your bird a wonderful climbing experience.  Made of high quality heavy duty solid hardwood. Laminated base with almost indestructable PVC ladder rungs. Extra toys can be attached.  Not a sharp edge or splinter anywhere on this hand-crafted playgym.  Non toxic bright colorful feeding bowls.

The Jr Toddler Playland .... for budgies, lovebirds, parrotlets, cockatiels, etc . 

The outstanding Construction gives you a safe playpen that offers you a playgym that is:

  • 18" x 18" base and 18" tall 
  • Rock Hard, Kiln dried maple is used throughout the construction to out last other playgyms on the market.
  • Natural heavy duty solid wood components.
  • Each edge is loving sanded so that there are no sharp edges or splinters anywhere.
  • Free from all glues, chemicals or paints.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Parts are assembled with stainless steel pins and deeply recessed screws.
  • Each playgym is inspected by the manufacture during construction and before shipment.

Acrobird play gyms are safe, durable, the highest quality and reasonably priced recreation centers for small and medium parrots. When kept as pets, parrots need time outside of their cage to play, to exercise and to interact with their human companions.  Made from all natural wood components by quality craftsmen from the Appalachian Mountains.

Birds need to have their minds stimulated in order to be happy pets.  Having a bird gym is an ideal change from just staying in the cage all day.  Of course, your bird will still enjoy spending time with you as well.  You could even put the bird gym on your desk so that your bird was near you while you worked. However, the bird gym can be a nice place to put your bird down without having to put them back into their cage all the time. 

CLEANING YOUR ACROBIRD PLAYGYM: When buying anything for a pet, but especially a bird, you want it to be easy to clean.  If the Acrobird Playland should become dirty, it's easy to clean the ladders with sandpaper, unscrew the food/treat cups for cleaning, and wipe down the non-stick bottom with a wet paper towel.  When you're thinking about buying a bird gym, you definitely want to think about how you'll clean it.  If the bird gym is too difficult to clean, it's going to get messy and ugly very quickly.



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