\"Canopy/Kaytee\" QUICK CLEAN 8oz

Quick Clean dissolves fresh or dried on bird droppings, removes urine stains, deodorizes, and has a lovely orange smell. Softens fruit or seed leftovers, nectar, bugs, and vegetable matter.

Can be used to clean:

  • bird cages 
  • toys
  • clothes
  • floors
  • carpets,
  • furniture 
  • car seats.

Quick clean can be used for hardened fecal material, urine stains and spattered or regurgitated food. When using on furniture, carpets, floors or car seats or if you are concerned about possible staining, try the product on a small hidden area first, clean as directed and allow to dry. If there is no sign of discoloration, then continue. Quick clean is safe on most color fast fabrics and carpets. It may strip waxes from wood furniture or floors.

Toys may be presoaked in one cup of product diluted in a gallon of water, if necessary. The product also works well as a laundry pre-stain remover. Just spray the affected area and wash, as usual.

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Kay Tee
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