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\"Multipet\" BIRDY BUDDY small
  • Bird nest bed features a sturdy plastic core to hold its shape
  • Made of a soft faux fur
  • Machine washable design easily and quickly cleans
  • This choice is for the Medium Size

Many species of wild parrots sleep and nest in hollowed out tree cavities. The enclosed area offers them a sense of privacy and safety while they sleep.

You can offer your caged bird a similar, safe experience with the Multipet Birdy Buddy™ Sleep Tent. These soft, fuzzy, parrot hide-away's give your bird a place to snuggle, relax, or find privacy from the stress of a busy house  Attach the Multipet Birdy Buddy to bird cage bars and beside a high perch. Simply tie the Birdy Buddy to the side of the cage so that the bottom of the pocket rests over the top of the perch that the bird normally sleeps on. The ergonomically designed Birdy Buddy will snuggle with your bird while it dreams happily

   Size       Measurement      Bird Size Suggestion 
Small     5" tall        Cockatiels, Parakeets, Sm Conures
    Medium     8" high  Conures, Quakers, Senegal, Mini Macaws 
 Large 11" high Greys, Amazons, Pionus, Eclectus

Please note: We can't guarantee the color you will receive.

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