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\"Zoo Max\" BUILDING TOY xlarge
  • These toys are packed with playful stuff
  • Made with sisal, leather, cotton all great for feather pluckers
  • All bird safe parts

Wood toy with a variety of different wooden pieces. Consists of 100% cotton and sisal rope. Hangs from welded smooth chain with a quick link. This toy is excellent for all parrots that are FEATHER PICKER. Non-toxic dye is used to color the pieces. The Large and Xlarge size is a fantastic toy for climbing up and down on.  These toys are simply fabulous, large, and so much fun for birds of any size.  Although a more expensive toy, you get plenty of toy with this choice.

NOTE: The chain on these toys are wider then on most bird toys.  It is 5/8" loops and if you have a worry of these larger size birds getting their nails stuck in the chain, this is a perfect choice.  

Choose the perfect size for your birds.

   Size       Measurement      Strung with     Bird Size Suggestion   
   Medium    8" wide x 28" long    leather/sisal/cotton   Conures, Quakers, Senegals, Caiques 
  Large    12" wide x 34" long  leather/sisal/cotton   Greys, Amazons, Pionus, Eclectus, Quakers 
  XLarge    15" wide x 48" long   leather/sisal/cotton   Macaws and Cockatoos
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Zoo Max
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