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  1. We truly hope that you will use and read this information, but if you don't read anything else please read this one page.

    I am really surprised when I hear back from people to whom I have sold a baby in the past and they have taken their baby off of a pelleted diet, especially when they have then put them on a basic seed diet. In fact, it was a telephone call from an old customer that I sold a baby to a few years ago that compelled me to sit down and write this particular page in my instruction packet.

    This customer called to tell me that her baby had regressed and was wanting to be hand fed again. This baby was then 11 months old, and had been weaned for some time. In asking her questions, I discovered that she had taken the baby off the pelleted diet and was primarily feeding sunflower and peanuts (because he loved them so much more then the pellets)! The bird's preference for the seed became so strong, he eventually would have nothing to do with pellets and for that matter nothing else but seed. In particular I have seen this problem occur with African Greys. Because of their high intelligence, they are very prone to outsmarting their "parents".

    As our conversation continued, from what I was told, I determined that the baby was becoming ill, and advised her to take him immediately to the vet. A few days later this customer called to tell me that the baby had in fact, been ill, (with a bacterial infection) and was now on medicine prescribed by her vet. The vet also gave her a tongue licking for feeding the seed instead of pellets and immediately put the baby back on a pelleted diet. Of course, the vet was especially upset since the bird had already been started with good habits, and had been changed to a seed diet. He advised her that because the bird had such a poor diet at the time, she almost lost her bird to a very minor bacterial infection.

  2. Please let me strongly stress two important points.

    1. Feeding your bird a seed diet (especially a lot of sunflower) would be the same as feeding your children a candy diet, with ice cream on the side. Never feed seed to Lories no matter what!!

    2. Malnutrition and the increased vulnerability to disease that it causes is the leading cause of death in captive birds.

    Please take the time to ponder these points. Remember how important it is that you keep your baby on a pelleted diet. If you are thinking of purchasing a baby bird from a breeder who does not wean to a pelleted diet, then suggest this to them. You may even want to reconsider your purchase if your breeder isn't interested in starting this youngster off to a better start. 

    With pellets, daily fresh fruit and/or veggies, the use of a special designed water bottle (we have these available for you for about $28 each, designed to always be bacterially clean) and keeping your food dishes** and your cage clean, you will be doing the best you possibly can to insure your bird's good health. So please, for the health of your baby, give this information careful thought.


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