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Island Cages

When you are concerned about safety and functionality, Island cage is #1. Island Cage realizes your bird is not just a pet, but a member of your family that deserves a happy and pleasurable environment.


Monaco Playtop
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With Skirt

Width 21" 30"
Depth 18" 27"
Bar Spacing 1/2"
Bar Thickness 1/8"
Cup Size 8 oz.
Space between tray and bottom grill  

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Height grill to cage ceiling 21"
Height to top of cage 44 1/4"
Height to top ladder 53"

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Dometop Features

Height grill to cage ceiling 29"
Overall Height 52 1/2"

The Monaco Island cage comes complete with 2 exterior feeders (additional feeders cannot be added to his model). This cozy beautiful cage will be a wonderful additional to any formal room with it's curved corners and stylish look. Because this cage is made without heavy bars on the corners it is perfect for the best view of your feathered companion. If you have parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels or small Conure's you will be proud to house your bird in this Island cage. As with all the Island Cage, the playtop on this cage is deluxe and offers 1 overhead toy hanger and 2 dump-proof crocks.

PLEASE NOTE: The Monaco cage does not offer the removable playtop feature that is available on the Fiji Size cages.

Be sure to check out all the new accessories available for the Island Cages.

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Island Cages come standard with three Exterior Feeders. A 4th feeder can be ordered as an option, as well as extra grates. (The Monaco cage comes with 2 feeders only, and additional feeders can not be added to this cage). Please see our matching accessory list for a complete list of what is available.


Cage covers available for all our Island Cages.
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Playtops Include:

  • The seed skirt
  • 1 removable grate
  • 4 sky perches*
  • 1 blank for a future feeding station*
  • 2 heavy duty metal pans
  • 4 Casters
  • 3 exterior feeding stations*
  • 5 matching  Fenix porcelain crocks*

The Playtop activity center including 1 overhead toy hangers and 2 Manzanita perches.

*not applicable on the Monaco

Dometops Include:

  • The seed skirt
  • 1 removable grate
  • 4 sky perches*
  • 1 blank for a future feeding station*
  • 1 heavy duty metal pan
  • 4 Casters
  • 3 exterior feeding stations*
  • 3 matching  Fenix porcelain crocks*
*not applicable on the Monaco

All Accessories are sold separately !


Exterior feed stations keep your bird's food and water sanitary.  Bird experts recommend our design for the health of your bird.  These stations are serviced from outside the cage making cleaning and feeding your bird a snap.

The unique versatility of these cages also enable you to add a 4th feeder station if you desire. Just remove the little blank piece from your cage and just add this feeder and your cage will then have 4 feeders instead of the 3 that it comes with standard.>


Extra grates are available for the Island Cages. The playtops of our Playtop style cages are made where a grate can be inserted, if desired. These cages are made so that you can use the grate from the inside of your cage on this playtop, but if you desire an additional grate can be purchased.

Heavy Duty Cage Covers

Our Heavy Canvas cage covers, are made exclusively for the Island Cages. The front part closes with velcro to make it simply to use, and yet safer for your bird. The length of these covers is long enough to go below you cage area, so it will block out light. Cage covers are especially necessary if your bird is not getting enough "Lights out" time, for him to be assured of a good restful night. These covers are washable, and are available in Navy and Tan. Playtop styles as well as Dometop styles are available.

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