Time Out Cage


 Even the best of  bird’s can drive you crazy at times. A smaller time-out cage can be a wonderful purchase. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but sturdy enough for your bird to be in comfortably and on wheels so that it is portable enough to allow him time to chill for awhile, away from the traffic flow of the family. 

This can also be used for a sleeping cage. Many bird behaviorists feel that birds need at least 10 hours of sleep. An active family doesn’t always allow for this for a bird whose cage is in the middle of a busy family. So a sleeping cage is the answer. For a parrot such as the size of an African Grey a 24" x 20" cage is ideal for this. But it doesn’t need to have feeding stations, because after all, he is there for shut eye.

A cage that can have the feeding stations that are removable is ideal. Be very cautious. Do not remove your bowls from the feeding stations and leave nothing in them. Especially feeders that are on the inside of the cage. This can be a potential  trap, especially for playful type species of birds.  Birds have been killed climbing in these areas, and not being able to get out. Just getting stuck, can be an extremely traumatic experience, one that you don’t want to experience with your bird.

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