Construction Methods


 A lot of newer cages on the market now have pressed holes that the bars fit into. The reason for this is for strength, and safety.  Because the bars fit up inside the square tubing, this does not allow for a loose or broken bar to injury your bird. If a cage has welded bars and your bird breaks the weld, he could be seriously injured  or even killed on this lose bar. 

Cage manufactures that claim  rust is a problem and this is way they are  not pressing their bars are not primarily considering the risk factor for the injury to the birds. Although  water can get into these areas where there is a space around the bars and occasionally cause rust, this is only a surface rust and usually can be removed with a good nylon brush. Rust is not a life threatening problem and will not cause harm to your bird. If you are concerned about the potential of rust, look for a cage manufacture that will put in drain holes so that water will not stand inside the cage’s square tubing areas.

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