Wood or Metal?


 Metal is the best, and most common, material used for cage construction.

 Here is the problem with wood. Although they are beautiful, and very decorative in a home, the are very hard to clean, and usually not tough enough for “tough parrots”. Birds can really dish out some abusive chewing and wood cages will not stand up to this abuse. 

 The paint on your cage is another very important factor. Cages that are spray painted are porous and thus very hard to clean.  Scrubbing a spray painted cage, will usually remove most of the paint. Although they can be repainted easily, this is not very practical to do once a month. And your cage will look  worn most of the time. Another disadvantage is that “poop” sticks to these surfaces and is very hard to remove. Although they are cheaper as a rule, the time you will spend trying to keep it clean will quickly out weight saving some money.

Highly consider a powder-coated cage over any spray painted cage. Powder-coating can come in many decorator colors and is generally safe for birds.  Most reliable cage companies test their paints for lead, zinc or other heavy metals to be within safe guidelines as is presently know to be safe for birds. Powder-coated cages are extremely easy to clean, and will stay looking nice. Although they can be chipped or scratched by active parrots, they are still the most affordable and easiest to keep clean.

Decorative metal is very attractive to look at, and may look great while sitting at the store, but reality is that you will probably regret this purchase every time you try to clean the poop out of the ornamental edges. Think about the practical standpoint every time you look at a cage. Besides decorative elements being hard to clean, also look for ridges inside the cage that may be hard to clean. Remember, bird dropping and food really do go everywhere.

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