Baby Bird tips


Use a plastic office mat under your cage. Plexiglas attached to the back of the cage with wing nuts will do wonders to keep your walls clean.

Allow droppings to dry on carpets or upholstered furniture, then loosen the dropping with a soft toothbrush before vacuuming. If a stain remains, remove it with a commercial carpet cleaner.

You can protect wallpaper from food or droppings by attaching clear sheets of Plexiglas directly to the walls. If your baby seems to like chewing on the plaster this will also prevent him from being able to do so.

When storing a cage, spray it with PAM to prevent it from rusting. I do not recommend spraying the cage while in use because this product will get all over baby feathers and possibly make them mat.  There is a product we sell called Cage Shield that can be used that will not mess up your birds feathers and yet make cage cleaning very easy.

When purchasing a cage, make sure it is powder-coated. And better yet, make sure it was sand-blasted and then powder-coated. This procedure makes the coating longer lasting and it will not strip off paint. These type of cages will always clean like new, and of course, make life with baby so much more pleasurable. Wrought iron cages that have not been powder-coated are porous and everything, especially droppings, will stick to it. In just a few short months the paint will be chipping and it will drive any bird lover crazy.

Avoid using cob, wood shaving, or walnut shells in the bottom of the cage. Bacteria from spilled foods and feces grow in hours in these materials. Flies will also lay eggs in these places. Butcher paper is Great! But newspaper will work just fine. Never use colored paper or the sale section of the paper with the color.

The use of a water bottle (not just any; Lixit waterbottles are really great, and of course we do sell them) will cut down the risk of bacterial build-up in the water dish. Bacteria will grow in water in 8 hours, not to mention when they dump their food in the water or use it as a toilet. Make sure that you get a glass water bottle that can be sterilized. Another wonderful thing about having a water bottle on your cage, is, if you need to go away overnight your worries about your bird not having water because he dumped it or played in it are greatly reduced.

Wash & disinfect toys regularly. Keep them free from old food and droppings.

Wash food and water dishes with hot soapy water daily. If using a water bottle, wash it weekly. It is a good idea to disinfect them weekly. Bleach will work (1 part bleach to 5 parts water). There are other great disinfectants on the market. Remember that bleach is caustic and can rust and ruin your things.

Keep perches free of dried droppings to avoid contamination and sore feet. Let them sun dry when washed, or can be put in the oven at a very low temperature to dry them.

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