Bored Birds?

Tips for Keeping Baby Bird Entertained and Happy

Here are some practical and ingenious ways to help entertain your baby Parrot.

Birds are extremely intelligent and can become bored. With some creativity from other bird owners, we have compiled a list of ways to help keep your baby provided with entertainment.

Allow your Bird plenty of supervised playtime out of his cage.  If possible do so everyday.  If you don=t have a playpen make him some type of  a tabletop playpen with wooden dowels and ladders for him to play on.  We have a great book available that will help you make playpens if desired.

Hand toys (also called foot toys) are an essential part of playtime. Especially for birds that are in your lap or on your person.  Hand toys (also called foot toys) can also be put into a spare feed stations (maybe when the fruits and veggies aren't=t occupying the bowl).  Think about washable hand toys, so that if they do fall to the bottom of the cage, they can easily be washed.

Change your bird's toys frequently. Disinfect toys before storing them.  You can also wash them in the dishwasher and then soak them in Poop off is needed to get all the old debris off.

Allow your bird to play with only appropriately sized toys that are safe and non-toxic.  Do not crowd your bird=s cage with toy, but consider offering them a variety of types of toys. It really amazes us when speaking to a client that they thing their birds have A Disneyland in their cage@. Then we find out that their bird has a single toy, that they Alove@. This will not work if you want your bird to be truly happy and adjusted. He will Alove@ this toy naturally, because what choice does he have!!

Avoid any toys that can catch toenails, toes, wings, beaks, tongues or leg bands. If you purchase a toy with long rope on it, you may want to use this type of toy on a play tree where they have supervision.

Provide entertainment by placing the cage in a spot where your bird can watch the birds outside.  But be sure they can get out of the direct sunlight, and be sure that they are not in a draft in the wintertime.

Bird really enjoy music, videos, and talking tapes.  Share your musical activities and consider leaving a favorite radio station on while you are away.

Offer your bird clean, non-toxic tree branches to chew and destroy. Wash and trace of pesticide or feces from a wild bird from the branches.

Save used cereal boxes, and cardboard rolls from paper towels. Be in for a mess to clean up, but your bird will have a great time shredding them.

If using rawhide toys, do not get them wet, as they will have bacteria problems from the moisture.

Attach old key to a SAFE key ring.  Zinc has been a very controversial issue for many years though, so please give them keys at your own discretion. If you have any doubts, find something different for them to play with or consult your own veterinarian.

Toys are as much as a necessity to birds as fresh clean water is.  Do not deprive your birds from the joy they achieve with toys in their environment.  In the wild they will spend a good part of their day foraging for food and providing for a mate. In captivity we provide them their food, that is easy for them to find.  So to keep them happy and healthy TOYS ARE A MUST. Otherwise you will find a sadly bored and very unhappy little friend.  If you are unable to purchase toys, be sure to find something for him to occupy his time with.  Birds do not sleep a lot like dogs or cats, so activity and stimulation is a must!!

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