Birdie Bagels

A great selection of Petscape's Birdie Bagels various sizes for small, medium and large birds Bagels come in assorted colors. Soft but tough chew/peel/shred toy will keep your bird busy for hours. Layered cardboard design for tons of chewing and shredding enjoyment. Parrots love to peel them. Fun, non-toxic FDA approved vegetable based glue, colorful AND cheap.Petscape's Birdie Bagels and Bird Bites provide parrots with the psychological enrichment often missing from the life of a captive parrot. Can be used as swings for smaller birds, or tear-up toys for larger birds. Satisfies the need for Chewing, Shredding,


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"Petscape" BIRDIE BAGELS 2'' singles $0.42 Buy Now 1500-100
"Petscape" BIRDIE BAGELS 3'' 50pc $25.00 Buy Now 1501
"Petscape" BIRDIE BAGELS 3'' singles $0.49 Buy Now 1501
"Petscape" BIRDIE BAGELS 7'' 12pc $13.50 Buy Now 1502-12
"Petscape" BIRDIE BAGELS 7'' singles $1.25 Buy Now 1502
"Petscape" BIRDIE BITES 50pc $13.50 Buy Now 1511-50
"Petscape" BIRDIE BITES singles $0.25 Buy Now 1511
"Petscape" BIRDIE BOGGLER HANGERS $2.19 Buy Now 1509
"Petscape" BIRDIE BOGGLER REFILL 2'' $3.19 Buy Now 1508
"Petscape" BIRDIE BOGGLER w/HANGER 2'' $4.99 Buy Now 1507

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 products)
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